Our experience in creating project documentation using BIM we derive directly from reazlizations of large scale office projects such as Varso 1, Varso 2 and Forest for HB Reavis Poland, D48 for Penta Investments. What is more, with the help of BIM we have realized several housing estates, among which areHolm House and Mickiewicz estates for Skanska Residential Development Poland, Wola 01 for Budimex Real Estate and Fama Jeżyce for Monday Development. We are currently developing further projects documentations based on the technology.

Bearing in mind the benefits that BIM technology brings for Investors and General Contractors, we have taken steps to reach the goal of developing all projects in our practice with support of the technology at all stages of the project’s life cycle. We have entrusted this goal to the BIM Managersteam, which, under the leadership of Senior BIM Manager Piotr Medes, implements standards of work in BIM technology. This is to continuously improve the use of the technology and to support modeling design and coordination tools. This allows us to communicate efficiently with Investors and meet their requirements for BIM documentation. Our design teams receive regular training to ensure consistent, high quality of BIM documentation models they create.

Observing the development of technology, we are looking for improvements both in the creation and coordination of projects and in the exchange of project documentation. We deliver documentation with use of the digital prototype of a building created in a BIM environment, including using Autodesk Revit. Moreover we explore the possibilities of multi-discipline coordination with Navisworks,automate repetitive activities in Autodesk Dynamo, and exchange information using dedicated CDE platforms such as BIM360. This results in efficient implementation of further tools that facilitate our cooperation with customers and industry designers.