Our success is based on building a team consisting of valuable and creative people, characterized by mutual understanding. Artistic and business challenges that we constantly look for, enable our company to grow dynamically and to respond actively to ever changing market requirements.Wojciech Hermanowicz
The architectural studio HRA Architects (The Hermanowicz Rewski Architects) was established in 2004 as a result of teaming up two designers: Wojciech Hermanowicz, Architect – a former partner of MWH Architects, a leading Warsaw architectural studio in 1990s with the architectural studio of Błażej Hermanowicz and Stanisław Rewski. Since 2017 as a group of companies: HRA and HRA Architects. Today the company is supported by more than 100-people strong team of professionals, which gives it a position in the lead of major Polish architectural studios. HRA specializes in large development projects dealing with office and housing construction projects. Long-term services rendered to major Investors operating in the Polish market allowed to build large, experienced team of architects able to meet most demanding requirements.
A key to our professional success turned out to be a very broad and comprehensive perception of our work. Projects of our new clients we attempt to analyse using a multi-faceted approach: we look at the project from architectural, town building, social, economic, cultural and environmental perspective. Ability to combine all these aspects enables us to construct buildings and assumptions that become a part of urban fabric, giving at the same time high level of satisfaction to our clients, when they meet business assumptions of the investment project. We consider the interdisciplinary nature of our profession to be our major challenge.
We believe in deeply humanitarian dimension of our work. We are in search of clear and expressive aesthetical forms, accounting for intended purposes of the buildings and meeting at the same time budgetary requirements and building efficiency.
As an architectural office we have always made an effort to grow, adding to the portfolio of our designs, the facilities with functions or locations that we have never designed before. We keep a watchful eye on IT progress and procure state-of-the-art software for our architectural studio. Our design workshop keeps abreast with all technological capabilities in the construction business.
In our professional work we pay special attention to the impact of our designs on natural environment, making every possible effort to make sure that facilities and complexes designed by could be labelled as green investment projects. We offer our support in all phases of investment process, develop comprehensive architectural designs and exercise architect’s supervision in the design implementation phase.
Major source of our satisfaction is the satisfaction of our clients and awareness of creating environment that is friendly for future users of facilities designed by us.