about hra architeci

we are experienced team of architects
ready to meet the highest demands

HRA Architects was founded in 2004 as a result of joining forces of designers: the architect Wojciech Hermanowicz – former partner of MWH – Architects – the leading Warsaw architectural office of the 1990s. with the office of architects Blażej Hermanowicz and Stanisław Rewski. Today HRA Architekci works with more than 100-person team of designers, which puts it at the forefront of the biggest Polish architectural offices, specializing in large real estate development office and residential projects. Since 2017, HRA Architekci is a group of two specialized companies. These companies functionally share tasks. They divide them in the field of multi-discipline architectural design and professional project management and investor service. Thanks to this, the services are provided efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of design work.

a key to our success is holistic perception
of our work

Many years of service of the largest real estate developers operating on the Polish market allowed to build a large, experienced team of architects able to meet the highest requirements. The tasks set by new Clients we solve on many levels: architectural, urban, social, economic, cultural and environmental. The ability to combine all these aspects allows us to realize objects that fit into the urban tissue. At the same time, it provides customer satisfaction, while meeting the business assumptions of investments. We consider the interdisciplinarity of our profession to be the greatest challenge. Our work has been many times appreciated in the form of prestigious awards and honoralble mentions, of which we are particularly pleased with the President’s Award 2019 for the realisation of the Novgorodzka Square.

We believe in deeply humanistic dimension
of our work

We constantly look for clear and expressive aesthetic forms, considering the purpose of buildings, budget requirements and efficiency of the facilities. Our greatest satisfaction is the awareness of creating a friendly environment for future users of the objects we design. In our work, we also pay special attention to the environmental impact of our projects. In addition, we strive to ensure that the facilities we design could be considered as environment friendly.

we constantly expand our portfolio with projects of new use and locations

As architects, we are constantly expanding our portfolio of realizations with buildings of new types and locations. We regularly take part in large architectural competitions. In addition, we also pay special attention to IT progress, equipping our offices with the latest software. We focus especially on development in BIM technology. Our design workshop takes into account the technological possibilities in the field of construction on an ongoing basis.

HRA ARCHITEKCI offers support at all stages
of an investment process

We prepare complex architectural projects and carry out author’s supervision over their construction.